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Let GT-Lite lighten your world today!

Let GT-Lite lighten your world today!

2020-02-20 16:44

Since its founding in 1996, GT-Lite has been a leading manufacturer of quality lighting products.

GT-Lite provides anodized aluminum and robust plastic injection flashlights that are sold in retailers in the European and north American and additionally used by law enforcement agencies across the world.

GT-Lite began incorporating light-emitting diode(LED)in lighting products in 2000 When they were first used in flashlights.

Over the years, GT-Lite has grown to manufacturer lighting products for various applications. LED lights for home and residential applications, office and professional lighting, as well as industrial division that focuses on residential , other industrial application including solar and wind powerd lighting.

A company committed to promoting Environmentally, high etticiency, low energy lighting accounts for more than ninety percent of Gt-Lite annual sales.

The trademark gt-Lite signifies products that are both durable and innovative.

Let GT-Lite lighten your world today!

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